Student Comments

“That I have an AS and a BA I’m proud of is thanks to Mike Henry and his course. That HISP courses were available for me is thanks to NOVA.” (James)

“The program is amazing!  The quality of instruction is excellent, the instructors are all experts in their respective fields and the classroom work rigorous for being at the undergraduate level.”  (Jackie)

“I competed the certificate in 2013 in an effort to explore and area that wasn’t fully available during my undergraduate degree. I found throughout the courses that I do have a love for local history, archaeology, but more importantly a true passion for museums. Without this course and recommendations from professors I would have never been able to be where I am now: completing my Masters in Museum Studies.” (Julia)

“I received a certificate from NOVA through the Historic Preservation Career Studies Certificate program….the contacts I made through the program by networking with other students were beneficial in being awarded projects for the firm. The courses I took, particularly museum studies, historical archaeology, field archaeology, and historic landscapes, are helpful in completing the work in an appropriate manner. ” (Debbie)