The Physics department at the Alexandria campus consists of two full-time teaching faculty, one staff member, and  several part-time instructors.  For questions regarding courses and course registration as well as teaching opportunities, email the Chair, Dr. Stantcheva, directly.

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Tatiana Stantcheva, Professor of Physics

Dr. David Stancato, Professor of Physics

Mr. James Lloyd, Physics Lab Manager

A full list of all teaching faculty for the current semester is posted on the Physics Faculty page.

Physics Courses Offered at Alexandria

The Department  offers both 100- and 200-level introductory physics courses.

100-Level Courses

PHY 100 Elements of Physics

PHY 101  Introduction to Physics I

PHY 102 Introduction  to Physics II

PHY 130 Survey of  Applied Physics

PHY 150 Elements of Astronomy

The 100-level courses are designed for non-science majors who need general science electives such as business majors, IT, general studies, architecture, etc. Some programs such as Automotive Technology and Sonography also require a 100-level physics course.

200-Level Courses

PHY 201 General  College Physics I

PHY 202 General College Physics II

PHY 231 General University Physics I

PHY 232 General University Physics II

PHY 241 University Physics I

PHY 242 University Physics II

PHY 243 Introduction to Modern  Physics

The 200-level courses are designed to meet the needs of the students majoring in the sciences. The General College Physics sequence (PHY 201-202) meets the requirements for most students in the biological and the health-related sciences. It also meets the requirements for medical, dental, nursing and other health professional schools, and provides excellent preparation for the physics portion of standardized tests such as MCAT and PCAT.

The General University Physics sequence (PHY 231-232 and PHY 243) is geared toward the students majoring in the physical sciences and engineering. Some of the majors include physics, chemistry, engineering, and computer science.

Honors and Honors Option Courses

Outstanding students can earn Honors and Honors Option credit in most of the physics courses offered at Alexandria. Contact the department chair for more information.

Which Class?

If you are uncertain about which course best fit the requirements for your major, contact the Physics department directly.

Please, note that you do not need 100-level physics in order to register for 200-level physics courses.