Fall 2016

Physics 101

T. Stantcheva, G. Prendergast:  Syllabus

Physics 130

T. Stantcheva: Syllabus

Physics 201

W. Wimbush: 201-fall-2016 Syllabus

D. Blackwell: Fall 2016 Syllabus

Physics 202

W. Wimbush: 202-fall-2016 Syllabus

Physics 231

T. Stantcheva

S. Chowdhury

W. Wimbush: 231-fall-2016 Syllabus

B. Djordjevic

Physics 232

S. Chowdhury

L. Correa Borbonet: Fall 2016 Syllabus

FA 16 Textbooks

The list below includes all the texts that are currently being used at the Alexandria campus. Some instructors may from two different textbooks, others may elect to use their own notes. Students must contact their section instructors to determine which one of the alternatives will be used.

Physics 101 – 102 

Conceptual Physics by Hewitt, 12 Ed., Pearson


Physics 130 Survey of Applied Physics

Workbook 2016

Physics 201 – 202

Physics: Principles with Applications by Giancoli, 7Ed., Pearson or

College Physics by OpenStax (2012)

Lab Manual for Physics (Capstone) 201 – 202 by Walter Wimbush (2016)

Note: Contact your instructor to check which of the two textbooks will be used in your course sections. 

Physics 231 – 232 – 243

University Physics by Young and Freedman, 13 Ed, Pearson

Lab Manual for Physics 231 – 232 by Walter Wimbush (2015)  (This is electronic format only!)

PHYSICS 231 Practice Problems by Tatiana Stantcheva (2016)

PHYSICS 232 Practice Problems by Tatiana Stantcheva (2016)

Spring 2016 Syllabi

PHY 101 Prof. Prendergast

PHY 130 Prof. Stantcheva
PHY 201 Prof. Wimbush

PHY 201 Prof. Chung

PHY 202 Prof. Wimbush
PHY 202 Prof. Blackwell

PHY 231 Prof. Chowdhury

PHY 231 Prof. Moscati
moscati_Course Syllabus With ScaleUp Spring 2016

PHY 231 Prof. Djordjevic

PHY 232 Prof. Stantcheva

PHY 232 Prof. Chowdhury