Prospective Students

Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Division

Whether you are preparing yourself to enter the workforce, getting ready to transfer to a 4-year university, exploring a personal interest, looking to update your skill sets or even changing career paths, the division of Math, Science & Engineering (MSE) on the Alexandria Campus of NOVA is a great place to start. The MSE division boasts outstanding teaching faculty and career advisors, one of a kind research and field opportunities and a wide-variety of other resources intent on helping all of our students achieve their goals.

The MSE division offers pre-med/pre-dental advising, pre-nursing and allied health advising, A.S. in Science and Computer Science advising and advising for engineering, architecture and construction management students

Programs and Disciplines



We offer day, evening and weekend classes in chemistry. General Chemistry (CHM101) as an introductory course for non-science majors and those transferring to the NOVA nursing program. College Chemistry I &II (CHM111-112) is a transfer course for science and engineering majors, and for BSN/PA students. We also teach Organic Chemistry(CHM241-242) and an introductory Biochemistry course (CHM 260). Find out more about prereqs and what courses to take for your major on our Course Description page. Our labs are designed to compliment and reinforce the lecture material in our courses. Our laboratories are well equipped; we currently use NMR, FTIR, GC, GC-MS and UV-VIS instruments in our labs.

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Environmental Science

The environmental science program is beginning to grow at the Alexandria campus. We started offering General Environmental Science I (ENV 121) in the spring 2012 semester. We now offer General Environmental Science II (ENV 122) as well. ENV 121 and 122 are each 4 credit courses that can be used to satisfy the “Physical or Life Science with Lab” requirements of all non-science majors (General Studies, Business, Liberal Arts, etc.). We hope to offer more environmental science courses in the future. Help us build the program, meet your degree requirements and learn about our environment! See more info on Dr. Christine Bozarth‘s blog.