Below is a chart illustrating the usual sequence of the physics courses offered at NOVA. Student can begin studying physics at any level: PHY 101, PHY 201, or PHY 231 without having any previous coursework. They must meet, however, Mathematics and English prerequisites in order to enroll in any physics course. For more details, see the diagram below

Physics Courses At a Glance

Below is a chart with the Mathematics Progression Chart that has been proposed.

MTH-PHY-EGR Progression Chart

New MTH Course Numbers

Engineering AS

Transfer Pathways

Physics Course Numbers Correspondence Chart

NOVAPHY 101PHY 102PHY 201PHY 202PHY 231PHY 232PHY 243
MasonPHYS 103PHYS 104PHYS 243-244PHYS 245-246

NOVA Advising  Sheets

Old Math Progression Chart