Newton’s Second Law


See image for basic setup of this experiment.

Don’t forget to level the air track and setup the Pasco interface, software and photogate like we did in the Velocity and Acceleration lab.


Glider Set-up


Pully Set-Up

Procedure Hints

In the image below we see the hook used to attach the string to the glider marked by Red 1. Green 4 indicates the hook weight that will hang on the other end of the string and weights approximately 2 grams. Green 3 is the additional weights needed to increase force in part 1.

The are 2 1-gram, 1 2-gram, 1 5-gram and 1 10-gram weights, approximately. so there should be a total of about 21 grams between the hook and the weight.

Part 2 will use all 21 grams on the hook weight and use the weights marked by Red 2 in the image below to increase the mass of the glider.

There scales throughout the room to get more accurate reading of the weight.

Air Track Kit