First find balance point of the meterstick. (it is likely not the center)

Torque Image 1

Next set up hook weights and hanger and find their masses (each group should have slightly different masses.

Mass (Red) A = mass hook + mass hanger + 100 gram weight

Mass (Green) B = mass hook + mass hanger + 150 gram weight

Mass (Yellow) C = mass hook + mass hanger + 50 gram weight

And should be weighed as shown below

NOTE: Total Mass shown in manual and image below are estimates and can vary drastically, DO NOT try and match them exact.

Determine Total Hanging Mass


NOTE: Follow the distances and masses given in the manual or given by instructor, not what is pictured here or in the pictures in the manual, the given numbers are estimates.

Setup 1:

Setup 2:

Setup 3:

Setup 4: