Farewell Ida!

Ida is perhaps one of the most recognizable staff members at the Annandale campus library–in fact, she was recognized half a world away as a NOVA Library employee when she visited her home country of Nepal. Many people who visit our library often encounter Ida as she checks out books, laptops, and other materials to patrons. She helps patrons connect to the wireless network and troubleshoot other computer issues. Ida is always a great help to the library staff and students.

Sadly for us, today is Ida’s last day at the library. Ida has been working at the library since 2010 while earning her Associate’s degree in Information Technology. Now that Ida has finished her degree (yay!), she will be moving on to new adventures. Ida has been a wonderful addition to the library.  I’m sure that I speak for the rest of the Library and Learning and Technology Resources staff when I say we appreciate her services and she will be missed.