A tribute to Mlle Maurice

Inspired by a Paris street artist, Mademoiselle Maurice, the staff of the Annandale Campus Library recently designed, created, and installed a large origami wall art installation to welcome faculty, staff and students back for the fall semester. The 3’ x 12’ installation imitates the shape of an open book, and includes approximately 400 cranes, medallions, tulips, fans, and butterflies that were folded and then installed on a bare wall. The shapes were folded from the brightly colored paper of an old 2004 origami day-by-day calendar.  “

Here’s a detail of some of the many origami pieces that went into the project.

The final project:

Mademoiselle Maurice commented on the Library staff’s artwork: “I am very proud of your creation for your library and I hope that the students will be happy! Good job!”

Watch the video below to see the effort that our library staff members put into creating this piece of art.