• So far, so good! The students appreciate ZOOM sessions.
  • If nothing else my tutoring program will be better prepared to support students in-person and remotely when we resume traditional practices.
  • I teach hybrid classes, too, so I’ve been able to adapt quite easily.
  • When I focus on the positive, I see that the hard work of my team.  It will help future cohorts receive a variety of support service options in the future. I appreciate my team!
  • It has been fairly smooth.
  • I had to essentially restart my approaches to faculty, staff, and students regarding the comprehensive support services and and tutoring. My team have very quickly adapted to online offerings and were able to resume meeting with students immediately and seamlessly.
  • Zoom is phenomenal! This tool helps me feel connected to my students. The breakout rooms have significantly helped to promote group discussions among my students.
  • I’m becoming more comfortable with Zoom and advanced features of Canvas, so my online presence is definitely improved.