Memories of the Spanish Civil War

Students at the College of William and Mary, under the direction of Prof. Cate-Arries, have collected testimonies of family members whose relatives were killed during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and Franco dictatorship (1939-1975). Please visit to learn more about the project and read amazing stories of loss, survival and memory.

watching the sky_robert capa

Watching the Sky
by Robert Capa



Cuba: Things to Do

finca hemingway

Professor Davis’s Spanish 102 class was fortunate to have Professor Jim Baer share his experiences from a 2012 sabbatical trip to Cuba with them today. He spoke about the history of Protestant churches in the island and much more. Prof. Baer believes that changes in U.S.-Cuba relations will be gradual.

Nevertheless, here is a list to keep in mind if/when you can visit Cuba: