Felicidades a los ganadores de “Mejor comercial”

Prof. Davis’s Spanish 101 students ended the semester by presenting “informercials” on a wide variety of original products and services. Then, students voted for the “Comercial más convincente” (“Most Convincing Comercial”).

Congratulations to this semester’s award winners, Ashley Torres, David Adams and Sarah Olsen, pictured above, for their informercial, “La Cartera.” ¡Felicidades!

Is SPA 206 Right for Me?


NOVA offers two 200-level courses, SPA 205 and SPA 206, specifically designed for heritage speakers. A heritage speaker typically is someone who was raised in a Spanish speaking home and who may or may not have received formal instruction in the language. Non-heritage students who have advanced language skills, such as those who have been educated in a dual language school and/or lived in Latin America or Spain may be candidates for the course, too. Students who excelled in their previous Spanish courses (through SPA 202), were able to contribute to class discussions in Spanish and were highly motivated also have enjoyed success in the heritage classes at NOVA.

The Spanish for Heritage Speaker courses are designed to help students polish their written and oral expression in Spanish and expand their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world. SPA 206 will be offered as a 14-week course for Spring 2019 and will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30-1:50 p.m. at the Alexandria Campus. It is not necessary to have taken SPA 205 to take 206.

To confirm your placement in SPA 206 for Spring 2019, please take the placement test at the Alexandria Campus Testing Center in AA156. Additional information, including the testing center calendar, can be found here:  https://www.nvcc.edu/alexandria/testing/index.html

Questions? Please contact Prof. Martha Davis at mdavis@nvcc.edu.