NOVA Student Displays Spanish & Photography Skills in Mexico City Visit

Destini McCallister, a Spanish 201 student and photography major at NOVA, recently traveled to Mexico City equipped with her keen eye, camera and intermediate Spanish skills.

As she wrote in an email to her professor, Dr. Martha Davis, during her trip:

“Fuimos a la casa de Frida Kahlo y Xochimilco (floating gardens) y muchos museos. Tambien, comimos mucha comida! Es muy delicioso. Yo tengo muchos fotos.
Ahora, quiero estudiar Espanol a la universidad de Mexico. 🙂
Me gusta practicar espanol aqui. I am surprised to see how much I do know, but I am also reminded of how much I don’t know. Luckily, everyone here has been extremely nice and helpful.”
To see more of Destini’s beautiful photos, visit: