Summer Filmmaking Project (Take 1)

It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to post her eon the blog but that is because I have been involved in another filmmaking project here on the Woodbridge campus.

I was working with the Filmmaking Club to create another music video for the band WorstKase Scenario.

It did not begin as an endeavor to make a music video but it is an example of the way things snowball.  We received new Canon 7D cameras in the spring and I wished to test them out well in real-world situations.  So, I got the idea I would do another project, as to not waste the time spent on testing this equipment.  I partnered with Dave Bausch again and decided to do a no-budget music video.  Then, in order to really test the cameras, we wanted to put them through different situations and the idea (somewhere, somehow) of spoofing 1980s music videos became the foundation for this project.  And, finally, the Filmmaking Club was invited along to participate.  So, what began as a simple little task became another full-blown project.

However, I will confess that the cameras got quite a workout and the original test was accomplished but it has cost me a lot of time, money, and stress on what should have never been such an ordeal.  But the students got to see real world conditions, decisions, and all of us got to network further in the industry.

We completed our two weeks of shoots this past Friday and post-production will be strating soon.  Hopefully, we will have a finished product in the coming weeks.

In addition, I will be using this production experience to post a few blog entries about the experience so prospective students have an idea of what it is like in the trenches of filmmaking on no budget.