Summer Filmmaking Project (Take 2)

While I have an opportunity, I just wanted to thank some folks who helped the members of the Filmmaking Club with this project:

Our dancers: Lara Kenney, Jenna Owen, Nyeem Braxton, Andrew Buning, Paola Gil, Mike Sherman, Mariah Dillard (and thank you to Lexie Heller and Corine Dillard for acting assistance).

Tutors (helped with acting and behind-the-scenes work): Heather Jackling, Salma Roshdi, Ahmed Roshdi, Terri Miller, Kavya Kothapalli, Piero Franco, Angel Le, Truc Nguyen, Lucky Giron, Cara Brower and Bibiana Cornejo De La Mora.

Thank you to the makeup artists of TDR Artistry.  Additional makeup by Lara Kenney and Rosa Rivas.

Thank you to the campus facilities department (Tony Harbert) for the use of the genertaor and other allowances.

Thank you to the campus police for their continued partnership.

Thank you to Eric Trumball for the use of the campus theatre and other props.

An extra special thank you to Wendy Gazzelli of the Filmmaking Club and her daughters, Megan and Alyssa, for their assistance throughout the production with many odd tasks, errands, and requests.

If I left someone off this list, it was not intention.  However, when there are not many funds to go around to hire personnel for these tasks, it is great to see a campus pull together to help each other.