Scholarship- PGMS DC Branch

Do you need some help paying for your classes? Well, there are other options out there than student loans! The DC PGMS, Professional Ground Management Society, has a scholarship offer to students who are pursuing a degree in landscape and grounds management, turf management, irrigation technology, or any closely related field, *hint hint nudge nudge* Horticulture.

If you’re interested in applying for this scholarship opportunity, the scholarship application deadline is March 1st. In order to apply for the scholarship, fill out the form below, and attach a cover letter that includes an introduction, and educational and professional goals. and intent for use of the funds. Also attached to the application should be a current resume with relevant awards or certificates, a college transcript, two letters of recommendation, and a letter from the PGMS member who is sponsoring the applicant (This would be Sue Dickson).

Winning the scholarship award not only gives you money to go toward your education but also includes a complimentary 1-year membership to the PGMS, as well as paid admission to two of their events, The Green Industry Seminar and the Green Industry Feild Day.

Once all the necessary items for your application are gathered, you can mail the application to the DC PGMS at 19000 Beallsville RD, Beallsville, MD, 20839, or email it to


for more information, visit their website, or contact our local member Professor Dickson

PGMS DC Branch Scholarship Criteria
1. Applicant must be a resident of MD, VA, or DC
2. Applicant must be a current student of horticulture or a related field.
3. Applicant must be at least in their first year of college or may be recently graduated from high school (within the calendar year).
4. Applicant must be sponsored by a PGMS member.

 An active student with solid grades,
 Past or current employment in the green industry,
 Involvement in the industry with apprentice or professional organizations, such as FFA, 4H, state or county programs,
 Civic projects and outreach programs.

The committee also looks for any personal development classes and any involvement in sports or clubs.


All applicants must submit the following to PGMS DC Branch, either by mail or email:
 The completed scholarship application.
 Cover letter. Please include introduction, educational and professional goals, and intent for use of scholarship funds.
 Current resume. Please include past employment history, awards, and certificates earned.
 College or school transcripts.
 Two (2) letters of recommendation. These should be from an instructor, employer, etc.
 A letter from the PGMS member who is sponsoring the applicant.

All applications will be judged on qualifications, recommendations, and presentation of total criteria. Winners will be notified by May 1. Please note that you are expected to receive the scholarship in person at a meeting. Failure to do so will forfeit the award.

Scholarship application deadline is March 1. Please note that incomplete application packets will not be accepted for consideration.

The top recipient will receive a complimentary student membership to PGMS for one year and have the opportunity to attend the Green Industry Seminar and the Green Industry Field Day. PGMS will pay for the scholarship recipients’ seminar and field day registration.

District of Columbia Branch, Inc.
The mission of the Professional Grounds Management Society, D.C. Branch, is to foster integrity and excellence in grounds management by promoting professional development through education programs, networking, community service, and fellowship. As part of this effort, the D.C. Branch offers a scholarship to those interested in pursuing higher education in a horticulturally-related field.

Offered annually, our scholarship provides financial aid to students currently studying landscape and grounds management, turf management, irrigation technology, or a closely related field.