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The “Happy” challenge!

Dear Alexandria students,

My Film Directing students have a group project: shooting a music video for the song “Happy” by Pharrell William.  Other students expressed interest in the project. So, I thought of extending an invitation to All NOVA Alexandria students to take part in the “Happy” challenge.  Interested students should direct their own music video for the song “Happy”. These videos will be selectively considered for screening at the 2014 NOVA Student Film Festival on the Alexandria campus. if you are interested, please read the following email, especially the instructions for the music video part, and let me know you are interested.  Prof. Lucy

Instructions for the “Happy” Challenge:

1. This is a group project; you work as a group. A video shot by one individual only will not be accepted. You have to have at least 4 people involved in the creative process of this project

2. you are to ask the following individuals to take part in the video: (2) faculty members; at least (1) administrator(2) staff members;

3. for the students you pick to be in your video be sure to pick students that represent the diversity of the Alexandria campus.

Here is how it all started: I assigned my Film Directing students (CST 295: Topics in: Film Directing) this group project.  As most of you know, many videos have been made of this song. In fact it has become a global phenomenon (remote villages in Africa have made their own interpretations, really!) When I assigned the song to my beloved Alexandria students, their reaction: Oh no not hat song again! Mind you this is a “Happy” song; but not to my students. When inquiring further about the reason for this cynical reaction from these youngens, they stated that the song just irritated them, maybe they heard it too much; “it’s just too Happy”.

So I put them to the challenge and asked them to use their creativity to come up with a music video for this song, with their own interpretation that would express their sentiments.  I gave them creative freedom (God help me!)  They got excited and got to work.  I promised them that I would put out the word to the Alexandria Village at large so that folks can collaborate with them on this creative journey.

So Alexandria, please help my cynical youngens express their creativity.  Alexandria Campus Police, I have even encourage them to recruit our fine officers to be in the video. Thank you all for your support and collaboration! Peace & Blessings! Lucy G/E


Needed extras for last productions

The Film Collaborative will be shooting its last 2 short films on Saturday, March 15th at NOVA Alexandria, Tyler Building, room 121. We are recruiting students who will serve as extras in the films as well as help with the productions. Crew and Cast call is at 7AM – Until…well, until we finish shooting the films 🙂 I know it sounds like a long time but trusted me, you will have fun. Here is how much fun was had by students who worked on the last productions!

Naturally, we feed you well and we entertain you! 🙂 If you are interested, please send an email to Prof. Lucy soonest. Screenwriting students, this is your chance to see the process of how a script goes from the pages to the screen.  Film Appreciation students, witness what goes into making a film, that you eventually appreciate in the movie theatre. Film Directing students, this is what you are studying, how to work with actors, cinematographers, sound mixers, etc. (basically your cast and crew), in order to realize your vision. I hope to see you there. Prof. Lucy