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NOVA Alexandria Film students discuss their experience with: Film classes, Student film productions & participating in the NOVA Students Film Festival (NSFF):

NOVA is now offering an Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Cinema. If you are interested in majoring in Cinema, on the Alexandria campus, please talk to:

Prof. Lucy Gebre-Egziabher –;


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We are pleased to announce that in the Fall 2019, NOVA has rolled out the AFA in Cinema degree. A number of Cinema students are enrolled in the program. The Cinema degree is only offered on the Alexandria and the Woodbridge campuses.

Please check out the AFA in Cinema class line up on the link below.

AFA Cinema

NOVA will soon be offering an AFA degree in Cinema. Most students are wondering what they should do until degree is official. Below find some guidelines that will help you stay on course until the degree is available.

AFA in CINEMA  (offered at Alexandria and Woodbridge campuses) 

  1. Enroll in the General Studies Associate of Science (AS) program until the AFA in Cinema is officially offered. 
  2. Refer to the AFA in Cinema advising sheets in the catalog
  3. If a new student, enroll in the first semester Cinema AFA courses, including: CST120, CST115 or 126, CST151, ENG111, SDV101 Orientation to Fine Arts, and a social sciences elective. These will also count toward the General Studies Associate of Science (AS) program.
  4. New students need to enroll in SDV101, Orientation to Fine Arts, where you will be assigned a faculty advisor in the Cinema program who will help you plan your portfolio, courses, and switch you into the AFA once it has been approved.  
  5. If a continuing student, please work with your current advisor to select courses that fulfill both your current degree program and the Cinema AFA.

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