Films Without Walls

2017-18 Academic year – FCI Launches story idea competition:
Have your story idea be made into a film

Each year film students, members of the Film Collaborative International (FCI), develop and produce a short narrative.  As part of the “Films without Walls” film series, this year (2017-18) FCI members will collaborate with students from Dundee & Agnes College, in Dundee, Scotland. The theme is selected each year but stories have to evolve around a student’s life. This year the theme is “Climate Change”. For the first time, FCI is opening up a competition to ALL NOVA students to submit a story idea around this year’s theme “Climate change”. Here are the guidelines:

  • Theme: Climate Change
  • Main Character: has to be a student
  • Story Location has to take place on a College Campus
  • Film genres limited to: Drama or Comedy

Competition is open to ALL students, not just film students, from ALL NOVA campuses

Please submit your story idea to FCI by Thursday, September 21st 2017 by 11:30pm. It should be in a one paragraph, word format. Email your story ideas to Prof. Lucy Gebre-Egziabher at  Students from FCI will select 3 ideas from all submissions and invite the 3 students to pitch their story in person to the FCI group.  Final selection of the story idea will be by Monday, October 2, 2017.

The idea will then be developed by FCI screenwriting students and made into a short film. The finalist will be invited to be on the set of the film.  When completed the film will be screened at the 2018 NOVA Student Film Festival.  The student whose idea was selected and made into a film will be acknowledged and receive a special award at the festival.

This year, in addition to students from Dundee, Scotland, students from different parts of the world are expressing interest in being part of the project. So far, students from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia and from Oaxaca, Mexico are on board. We are still waiting for confirmation from students from other parts of the world. Please stay tuned and follow us on this global journey.

Films without Walls is a project conceived by Lucy Gebre-Egziabher, Professor of Cinema at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), Alexandria campus. In 2015, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to go teach Cinema in Ethiopia. When she returned to NOVA, she decided to link up her Ethiopia film students with her NOVA Alexandria, Film students so that they can collaborate on a film project. She gave both sides perimeters for the film project and let them work on it together. The result was, in addition to a poignant film (Final Exam), a learning experience that took place through this art form: cinema.

Students from very different places in the world, reached out to each other, came up with creative solutions to communicate and researched about each other’s’ reality.  At the end, they both learned about and appreciated each other.

Promoting understanding across geographic boundaries through cinema is the spirit of this project. We are having talks with various international educational institutions about partnering on such projects. Prof. Lucy G/E’s dream is each year to form partnerships with film students from various educational institution around the world and collaborate on film projects.


“Final Exam” a collaborative film project by NOVA Alexandria film students and film students from Ethiopia (from Fulbright program)

19:58 minutes | Drama | Ethiopia/USA | US Director: Taylor Spears| Ethiopia Director: Samuel Dejene
Cory and Girum are both college/university students from working class families. One lives in Virginia. The other lives in Addis Abeba. The story follows both students as they try to study for their final exam while dealing with life’s responsibilities and challenges in their respective worlds.

(to watch film click on image below)


The experience in their own words…

One of the follow on activities that resulted from my Fulbright program In Ethiopia is a collaboration on a film project between students from the Film Collaborative International and Ethiopian New Wave Filmmakers.

The challenge was to find a way to communicate as a group on the project and update each other. Students came up with a way to communicate thanks to technology: make each other short videos and upload them on you tube; then share via Facebook! The result:

and …

I am happy to report that they are currently collaborating on a film project, partly shot in Virginia and partly shot in Addis Abeba, two characters, two locations, two realities, one story. My students (on both continents) and I are very excited about this project.script reading session2

The US side students are in pre-production:


 rehearsals 2rehearsals 5rehearsals 1

 Update Message to The Ethiopian New Wave Filmmakers