MVP: Making Valuable Paragraphs

When planning and drafting body-paragraphs for your essay, it might be helpful to consider the following diagram and associated perspective. As you work to construct each paragraph, note that you’ll conclude by extracting the value of the evidence and analysis you’ve presented. This is always the goal–to deliver purposeful paragraphs that contribute crucial, unique value to your essay.

Utilize this diagram to inform your planning and outlining. For a deeper explanation of each “layer,” click on the terms in the right-hand column.

Topic Sentences: orient the reader toward the specific point and purpose of each body paragraph.

Supporting Evidence: consists of credible information, precise facts, and specific details that support the thesis argument.

Analysis: explains the significance and value of the paragraph’s documented evidence.

Conclusion Sentences: extract the value of the paragraph’s main point and emphasize the direct connection to the essay’s overall purpose.