A picture of Nardos

Meet Nardos!

Hi guys, I help students with Biology, Chemistry and MLT courses. I have a BS in Biology from the University of Oregon. After graduation, I hope to go into the biomedical research field.
I know that science classes can get overwhelming. This is why I have joined the ASC at the MEC. I am here to help you better understand the topics covered in class and to help you with your study skills.
Some of my friends say that I have a bad memory. It’s true. But I believe my memory works Benjamin Button style (fingers crossed). So, I may not remember many of the things I’ve learnt in class, but with the help of the MVP of websites (Google), we can tackle any topic!
Virtual Appointments:
Tuesdays, 8-1P
Fridays, 2-7P

To make an appointment with Nardos, please useĀ  her personal availability link: https://nvcc.campus.eab.com/pal/uvKri396FS

Nardos tutors the following topics and courses:

  • BIO 141
  • BIO 142
  • MDL 101
  • MDL 125
  • MDL 130
  • MDL 140
  • MDL 215
  • MDL 216
  • MDL 225
  • MDL 243
  • MDL 251
  • MDL 260
  • MDL 263
  • MDL 266
  • MDL 276
  • MDL 277
  • MDL 278
  • MDL 281

Questions? Email mectutoring@nvcc.edu.