Study Buddies! Leverage the Power of Collaborative Learning

All students enrolled at NOVA have access to Navigate Student. Navigate’s Study Buddies helps students engage with peers to learn and succeed together.  Study Buddies enables classmate connections, matching students with peers who are interested in studying together outside of class.

How to access Study Buddies

Study Buddies is available on Navigate Student.

Picture of the EAB Navigate Student Icon in MyNOVA
The Navigate Student icon is encircled in red and there is a red arrow pointing to the icon.

Students can access Navigate Student via myNOVA as well as download the mobile app at either Google Play or the App Store.

Access step-by-step instructions by viewing the Study Buddies Video or by downloading the corresponding PDF.

Learn more about the advantages of collaborative learning by reading Troy Markowitz’s Forbes article, “The Power of Peers in Higher Education”.