NOVA Online Testing Tips: Proctor Request Form

Be Prepared – Begin reviewing and studying well in advance. If you need assistance locating helpful study resources, contact your Student Success Coach at or call 703.764.5076.

For a sampling of helpful study resources offered through NOVA Online, please click here.

Taking Exams at an Alternate Site

If you will not be in the area during your course or exam time, you will need to identify a proctor to supervise your exams. Some examples of approved proctors are a full time educator, a professional librarian, or a military educational officer. A VCCS College Testing Center or a college or university in your area are also good options when looking for a proctor. Once your proctor has been identified,  you will need to complete the Proctor Request Form.

As soon as you have identified your proctor, submit the form. The proctor will be approved for all your exams for that semester. Please allow 3-5 business days for your proctor request form to be approved.

  • Do not wait until the last minute to take your exam(s). If you are able, we advise that you take your exam early. You will need to schedule a time with the proctor to take your exam. If you are using a College Testing Center, you will want to check with them for any specific policies and procedures.
  • Be prepared to stow your personal items, not permitted during your exam, including your cell phone. If your exam allows notes, your proctor will be made aware and permit the appropriate items.
  • If your exam is not working properly in Blackboard (ex. unable to type in a textbox, audio files not working, images missing) or if you feel your exam did not submit properly, your proctor will be able to give someone at NOVA Online a call for assistance.

Good luck on your exams!