Physics 101

Course Syllabus

Course Materials

Mechanics 1

L2. Newton's First Law
L3. Motion
L4. Newton's Second Law
L5. Newton's Third Law

B1. Lab Safety
B2. Force Table
B3. Force Table: Drawing to Scale
B4. Acceleration

Test 1: Motion, Newton's Laws

RP1. Newton's First Law

Mechanics 2

L6. Linear Momentum
L7. Energy
L8. Rotation

B5. Elastic Collisions
B6. Inelastic Collisions
B7. Torque

Test 2: Momentum, Energy, Rotation

RP2. Newton's Third Law


L9. Matter
L10. Solids
L11. Liquids
L12. Liquids 2

B8. Density
B9. Springs
B10. Buoyancy

Test 3: Matter, Solids, Liquids

RP3. Propulsion


L14. Heat

B11. Boyle's Law
B12. Specific Heat
BA. Lab Write-up

Test 4: Temperature and Heat

RP4. The Martian

Vibrations and Waves

L16. Vibrations
L17. Waves
L18. Sound

B13. Springs II
B14. Standing Waves
B15. Simple Pendulum

Test 5: Vibrations, Waves, Sound


L. Gravitation

B. Measuring g