Physics 231


General Information

Course Materials


I have maintained a private website PhysicsXXI site where I post the physics resources that I create in my spare time. There, you can find my latest videos with solutions to selected problems from our class, videos with summaries of important topics, the current PHY 231 and PHY 232 Workbook with practice problems, and much more. 

As I am only one of me, I can create only that many new videos every week. If you wish to learn more about a topic that is not yet included in my Physics XXI site, you can check the following sites that have good and extensive resources:


  • has an extensive collection of video lectures on Introductory Physics.
  • The Khan Academy – they have a fair collection of Physics videos
  • Hyperphysics – brief and compact summaries of important concepts from the Introductory Physics

Old Exams

The world has changed and so have my current exams. The old exams posted below are quickly becoming irrelevant in the context of remote learning, video lecturing, and project-based assignments. For what they are worth, have a look at them if you so you wish!