Physics 242 T. Stantcheva

Syllabus and Schedule of Classes

Spring 2023 PHY 242 Syllabus

Fall 2022 Tentative Schedule of Classes

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Covid-19 Guidelines

Lab Manuals PHY 242

Physics 232 Practice Problems Workbook

Midterm Exam 2 Practice       Answers

Final Exam Practice               Answers will be given in class.

External Physics Resources

I have created many video lectures on topics from PHY 231 and PHY 232. I post them on

For topics missing from my list, you can always use the resources below:

  • has an extensive collection of video lectures on Introductory Physics.
  • The Khan Academy – they have a fair collection of Physics videos
  • Hyperphysics – brief and compact summaries of important concepts from the Introductory Physics

Other Resources