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Body Language for Business

NOVA’s Workforce Development Division provides a wide selection of courses on management, leadership, and other professional development topics. Alongside the “nuts and bolts” of developing skills lies the more nuanced skills needed to be a more effective manager or leader. Courses such as Emotional Intelligence and Coping with Conflict (see course availability for Summer 2015) are an important asset for dealing with the many demands on workers today.

A large part of communication in the workplace is nonverbal. Your posture, facial expressions, gestures, and even rate of speech will affect the message you are saying to clients, coworkers, and your network. This handy infographic from Gengo.com focuses on the various aspects of nonverbal communication for business environments, and shows how to keep your message effective and engaging whether presenting to an audience, leading a team, or in a job interview.

Whether you are a manager, a salesperson, a client, or someone looking for a job, be aware of your communication style—both verbal and nonverbal. And of course, check out our Summer 2015 course catalog for a listing of business courses to help you develop your career!

Gengo: Business Body Language