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DiscovFREE Webinars

NOVA Workforce Offers Free Webinars

Have you ever wondered what an IT certification could do for you? Or what it takes to become a Software Tester or Python Programmer? Or how to keep your fundraising efforts going strong during uncertain times? NOVA Workforce is offering a series of free, informational webinars to answer these and many other questions.

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Motorcycle Training Program

Update: Unfortunately, the motorcycle training program at NOVA has been discontinued as of this summer. Please check with the DMV for other training providers. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and healthy!


Co-sponsored by the Virginia Rider Training Program, DMV, and NOVA, this 15-hour course (10 hours on the range and 5 hours in the classroom) is for anyone who wants to learn to ride a motorcycle.  You’ll learn the basic skills of motorcycle operation, effective braking, and obstacle avoidance, as well as safe riding strategies – skills normally acquired only after several years of trial-and-error riding. Successful completion of the Basic Rider Course provides you with a temporary State motorcycle license.

AGILE for Project Management

Agile project management is an iterative and incremental approach to planning and guiding project processes. In this program series, you will gain an understanding of the Agile Manifesto and its 12 Principles, learn the Lean principles of value and waste, and build a basic Kanban board and manage flow. Through hands-on exercises, you will explore Scrum roles, activities, and artifacts and develop a deeper understanding of the Agile mindset.

Update for summer 2020: All classes will now be held online. Learn a new skill while you are safe at home.

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Human Resources Management Trends

HR Management

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), trends for HR professionals will include the “employee experience” and a resurgence in social media. Social media, these days, is almost a no-brainer, but its importance cannot be emphasized enough. As for employee experience… Continue reading Human Resources Management Trends

Training Immigrants in the Culture and Language of the Workplace – Part 3: Overcoming Challenges to Build Strategies for Success

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In this final installment of our three-part blog series on the American Culture and Language Institute’s Part-Time ESL Career Readiness program, we focus on some of the challenges faced by international and immigrant students and how ACLI’s staff helps them overcome barriers and navigate a clear path to employment. Continue reading Training Immigrants in the Culture and Language of the Workplace – Part 3: Overcoming Challenges to Build Strategies for Success