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New HYBRID course “Advanced English for Professional Success”

The Workforce Development Division offers ESLA 1876 Advanced English for Professional Success as a hybrid course. Students will meet in person once a week and complete the other half of the course online. The course will focus on intercultural issues, including different values and styles of communication as well as build an awareness of the multicultural business environments. Students will practice their English language skills to obtain, clarify, analyze and present information; discuss their ideas, express their opinions; participate in and conduct business meetings effectively, prepare and deliver speeches on business topics and controversial issues. Students will work independently and/or cooperatively in a team environment, use high intermediate business vocabulary to speak and write about a range of business topics in the forms of memos, emails, written and oral reports and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of current trends in American business and the global business environment.

For more information or to register please email us at AN-ACLI@nvcc.edu or call us at 703-323-3323.