Workforce Development Division Hosts STEM Career Fair

On October 29, 2014 the Workforce Development Division hosted its Inaugural Workforce Industry Career Fair. The theme for this event, which was launched by the Business Development Group, focused on STEM recruiting. This event attracted fourteen marquee corporations including Verizon, Apple Inc., Discovery Communications, Novec, Enterprise Management Systems, e-Intern, ASM Research, Hanover Research, HCA Healthcare, Telos Corp., Finnegan, CGH Technologies and Pro Sol Associates as recruiting exhibitors. More than 70 job seekers, including experienced engineering and IT professionals took advantage of this opportunity to meet the exhibitors seeking to fill STEM positions at their companies.


A feedback survey clearly reflected a strong demand for these types of solutions-focused events in the Northern Virginia business community. 89% of business participants said they would attend future Workforce Industry Career Fairs at NOVA. Plans are underway for the Business Development Group to continue collaboration efforts with all of the companies to address their most pressing workforce development needs.