ESL & Language Center

Welcome to the ESL & World Language Center!

The Language Center assists students studying a second language at NOVA Annandale by providing them with resources and technology to improve their listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar skills. Our goal is to provide additional academic assistance to NOVA students. The Language Center boasts a diverse group of experienced tutors who are eager to help students maximize their potential. Our mission is to provide resources for the learning of languages outside the classroom. Students who frequent the Language Center show significant improvement with their listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar skills. There are many reasons to come to the language center, but you can come just to build a relationship, so that the day you're running late your teacher knows you, remembers you, and believes you because he or she knows you're an engaged and responsible student.

The Language Center Offers:

  • One-on-one tutoring services of 50 minutes per week per student. The Language Center has a pool of dedicated student tutors who are ready and able to work with a diverse student population.
  • Digital sound files that accompany the laboratory manuals or textbooks used in world language classes at the Annandale Campus.
  • Supplemental software programs to support the development of speaking, listening, reading and grammar skills in the language being studied.
  • DVDs for student use in the Center or at home.
  • Dictionaries and other supplemental texts.
  • Individual or small group study space.
  • Workshops and conversation groups that can give students a chance to practice what they have learned in class. Conversation groups allow students to converse with other students in English about high-interest and relevant topics to students today.

Take a 360 Video-Tour of the ESL & World Language Center!

Use your mouse to drag the screen, and tour the center! Questions about the center? Call us at 703-323-3438 or email us at