Technology Petting Zoo

On February 6th the library hosted its semi-annual Technology Petting Zoo which featured a bird’s eye view of all the media equipment available in the library.  Instead of keeping all those great tech tools under lock and key in an inconspicuous cabinet, we enlisted some animal friends (of the stuffed variety) to help display cameras, iPod Touches, tripods, and more.  Teddy Grahams were served to keep visitors, both four-legged and two-legged, from going hungry. Students munched on treats while checking out the wide range of equipment they can borrow to create multimedia presentations for class assignments.  Most equipment is available to be borrowed for one week with a student ID.

Just because the zoo is packed away and the animals are back in their spacious, humane, behaviorally correct enclosures, it doesn’t mean that the cool equipment is out of reach as well.  Come by the Research and Information Desk in the library and ask the staff for assistance.  We’ll be glad to help you start earning, and learning about, your creative stripes.

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