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Open Source Multimedia Resources

Did you know that many of the audio, video, and photo editing programs offered in the Digital Media Studio have an open source alternative? The term “open source” refers to software and source code that can be adapted and distributed online for free (although funding and coding contributions to the project are usually welcome). OpenOffice is an example of open source software that’s comparable to Microsoft Office. 

Digital Camera

If you want to learn a new skill, brush up on some dormant ones, or need an alternative to some of the more well-known photo, video, and audio editing programs, explore the software linked below. Most of these programs are available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (except where noted) and a few of them are browser-based which means that you don’t have to download any additional software. Best of all, these open-source programs offer many of the same features present in proprietary software such as Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. 

Have you come across any other open source video, photo, and audio editing programs? Let us know in the comments! 

Create and edit videos

Edit photos and images

Record and edit audio

Create and edit animations

Note: The websites below offer free and paid features and are not considered to be open source. Although they are free to use, many of the advanced features require a monthly or annual subscription.

Create websites

Create infographics

Meet the Library Technology Team!

Technology is an essential component to this modern world, which is why here at the Annandale Campus Library we strive to equip our students with the resources they need to succeed. You all may know about our public computers, printers, and charging stations, but did you know we have a team dedicated to helping students with all their technology needs?

  • Monique Clark, Technology Librarian – Our team lead, who provides technology planning, coordination, and support
  • Michelle Echols, Technology & Reference Specialist – Provides computer and printer maintenance and troubleshooting, technology recommendations and purchasing
  • Soo Bae, Reference/Technology Librarian (Not pictured) – Oversees technology training and support, social media and online research guides
  • J.P. Garces – Circulation department liaison to technology team, providing backup and support
  • Simran, Digital Media Studio Consultant – Assists with equipment checkout and Digital Media Studio maintenance
  • Saron, AcePrint Consultant (Not pictured) – Assists students with printing in the library
  • Abigail, Peer Technology Consultant – Provides technology tutoring for Digital Media Studio software and equipment
Michelle, Simran, Monique, Abigail and J.P.

The Library Technology Team exists to help students by providing assistance and access to all the resources the library has to offer. That’s why this semester the library is introducing a new member of the team, a Peer Technology Tutor, who is available to provide one-on-one assistance with Digital Media Studio software and Library equipment. The Digital Media Studio is a space within the Library that students can use for their photo, video editing, audio, or graphic design projects, equipped with the software students need. All you need to do to get started is book a seat in the studio. Stay tuned for future posts highlighting featured equipment and software. What will you create?

Borrow an iPod Touch

Need a handy mobile device?  Take advantage of one our circulating iPod Touches.  There are several convenient apps already loaded on the device for both entertainment and educational purposes.  While they are not phones, per se, they do have apps, such as Skype, available that will allow you to contact others. Already available for immediate access is:

  • Zapd – an easy to use webpage creator for photos and text
  • QRafter – scan the QR codes, similar to mazes in appearance, that are posted all around the community.
  • Skype – video/chat application
  • Animoto – create videos with still photos

Come on by the library and ask at the information desk to check one out.  You may borrow it for one week.  It also does require a WIFI access point in order to get to the internet functions. There is an iPod Touch waiting for you. Give it a try!

Technology Petting Zoo

On February 6th the library hosted its semi-annual Technology Petting Zoo which featured a bird’s eye view of all the media equipment available in the library.  Instead of keeping all those great tech tools under lock and key in an inconspicuous cabinet, we enlisted some animal friends (of the stuffed variety) to help display cameras, iPod Touches, tripods, and more.  Teddy Grahams were served to keep visitors, both four-legged and two-legged, from going hungry. Students munched on treats while checking out the wide range of equipment they can borrow to create multimedia presentations for class assignments.  Most equipment is available to be borrowed for one week with a student ID.

Just because the zoo is packed away and the animals are back in their spacious, humane, behaviorally correct enclosures, it doesn’t mean that the cool equipment is out of reach as well.  Come by the Research and Information Desk in the library and ask the staff for assistance.  We’ll be glad to help you start earning, and learning about, your creative stripes.

Kindle: Something to Read for the Holidays

What to read for the holidays?  Find it on the Kindle at the Annandale library. Need something handy to read over the holidays?  The library will lend you a Kindle ebook reader where you can enjoy the ease of a lightweight method of carrying around multiple Kindle with keypadbooks at once.  Right now, there are many of the classics loaded on our Kindle and we would love for you to try it out.  Titles include Moby Dick, Frankenstein, Ulysses, and more.  Feel free to request a particular book title and we will make every effort to make it available to you.  Please come by the library and ask to borrow the Kindle ebook reader today!