NOVA Woodbridge Promotional Video

Here you go…

Here is the promotional video that was created for AMC theaters that debuts today (make sure you chose to watch in HD to take advantage of the intended quality).

Since we also had the actors and equipment and time, we did a quickly shot series of three “behind the scenes” videos of our actors pretending to be characters that were actors.  Do you follow?

It all helps set up the promotional video.

Check back for future versions of the promotional video as we will put at least one extended version of the promo and one special edition version too.  We will be posting them in the video section of this blog too.

We would like to create more of these in the future, so check back to this site often and remember you could be a part of the excitement by taking film classes at community college prices.  Yes, we love an underdog!

Filmmaking Innovations

November 30th at 6:30pm, the Woodbridge campus of NOVA will be hosting a panel forum of four filmmakers, who will share their stories, their creative processes, and answer questions for all those involved.  It is completely free and open to anyone interested in attending.

The event will take place in the Lakeside Theatre on the first floor and it should be a wonderful opportunity to find out what it takes to be a movie director.

We hope you can attend.

It’s Been Awhile

Just an update of the busy semester that has been:

The campus theatre department just wrapped on their production of “Bus Stop.”  It was a fun time with some notable acting talent.  Hats off to Dr. Eric Trumball for his creative direction.

PHT 130 students finished principal photography on their class music video project.  We enter post production now and everyone is anxious to see the final outcome.  Also, these same students are working on their final video projects and their class documentary.  They are keeping busy but, hopefully, getting a great experience in the process.

Kelly Cochran, English faculty, is leading her dramatic writing students through the steps needed to write a script.  One lucky student will have his or her work created into a short movie in the spring by the students in the PHT 131 (Video II) class.  We are excited about this collaborative process.  I will just have to contain my enthusiasm until the semester starts.

The Filmmaking Club has been working on their own projects, both as individuals and an entire group.  They finished auditions this past week for the main roles of their group project.  I won’t reveal any plot details until the production is completed.  Just keep checking back to find out the status on this project.

And what about Professor Bryan Brown, you may ask?  He has been involved in just about everything to do with film on this campus. In fact, he has planned a big event for November 30th, but you will have to read the other blog post to find out what he has cooking…

Summer Filmmaking Project (Take 2)

While I have an opportunity, I just wanted to thank some folks who helped the members of the Filmmaking Club with this project:

Our dancers: Lara Kenney, Jenna Owen, Nyeem Braxton, Andrew Buning, Paola Gil, Mike Sherman, Mariah Dillard (and thank you to Lexie Heller and Corine Dillard for acting assistance).

Tutors (helped with acting and behind-the-scenes work): Heather Jackling, Salma Roshdi, Ahmed Roshdi, Terri Miller, Kavya Kothapalli, Piero Franco, Angel Le, Truc Nguyen, Lucky Giron, Cara Brower and Bibiana Cornejo De La Mora.

Thank you to the makeup artists of TDR Artistry.  Additional makeup by Lara Kenney and Rosa Rivas.

Thank you to the campus facilities department (Tony Harbert) for the use of the genertaor and other allowances.

Thank you to the campus police for their continued partnership.

Thank you to Eric Trumball for the use of the campus theatre and other props.

An extra special thank you to Wendy Gazzelli of the Filmmaking Club and her daughters, Megan and Alyssa, for their assistance throughout the production with many odd tasks, errands, and requests.

If I left someone off this list, it was not intention.  However, when there are not many funds to go around to hire personnel for these tasks, it is great to see a campus pull together to help each other.