Financial Avenue

Check out NOVA’s newest financial literacy resource, Financial Avenue, powered by Inceptia.

To get started, simply go to, click LogIn,  sign up for a new account, and enter NOVA’s access code:  FinLit

You may then take any or all of the ten courses listed below!  All courses feature specific learning objectives, a pre-assessment quiz, a couple of units of excellent, interactive, and adaptive content based on the responses provided by the student, a quiz at the end to measure knowledge gained, and a customized action plan based on the student’s financial goals.  Courses typically take about 45 minutes to complete.

We highly encourage you to start using this excellent resource today!  Remember the more you learn, the more you earn…. and the more you save!

College and Money

Credit and Protecting Your Money

Debt and Repayment

Earning Money

FAFSA (Available in Spanish)

Foundations of Money (Available in Spanish)

Future of Money

Loan Guidance

Psychology of Money

Spending and Borrowing

Financial Avenue Graphic