Financial Coaching

Free financial coaching is available for NOVA students!

A financial coach can work with you to create a personalized financial action plan that helps move you toward financial stability. Coaching sessions generally last about an hour and take into account your values, behaviors, and goals.  The coach will also help you identify steps you can take toward achieving your financial goals.

For more information please contact NOVA’s Financial Stability and Advocacy Centers.

A few testimonials from coaching participants:

“…My financial coach makes me feel comfortable and has encouraged me to the point that I believe I can achieve the goals I set whether small or big.  During this time, I have paid off a payday loan, started saving again, and purchased and done things for myself which I have not done in a long time because of financial constraint.  I hope this helps someone. If I can encourage someone and let them know that this does work; I want to do that.”

“This financial program surprised me.  I feel supported, listened to and as a result, I am more positive about my money issues, even though I have a lot of work to do…  In this program, the person listened to me and did not judge.  This person looked at my personal history with money and talked about that first before we got to crunching numbers.  We looked at goals and dealt with my snags.   I cannot tell you what a relief I feel, being supported like this, and now I am wanting to tackle my money issues with a renewed sense of vigor…Thanks for having a program that dares to be different!”