Rock group Igneous
Classification Intrusive/plutonic
Composition Felsic
Texture Phaneritic
Extrusive counterpart Rhyolite
Common minerals Quartz
Potassium feldspar
Plagioclase feldspar

Granite in Hand Sample

Ronas Hill granite from Shetland
Cape granite from South Africa
Wisconsin Red granite from, as you might expect, Wisconsin
Archean-aged granite from Wind River Canyon, Wyoming
Mesoproterozoic-aged Red Bluff granite from the Franklin Mountains, El Paso, TX
What most people probably think of when they think of granite

Granite in Thin Section

Thin Section GigaPans

This biotite granite features biotite, quartz (note that most of it is about one order too thick, which accounts for the yellowish color), perthite, microcline, plag, and muscovite. Several of the biotite grains include zircon.

Biotite granite, plane polars
Biotite granite, crossed polars

Granite, plane polars

Granite, crossed polars