Sandstone can be distinguished from arkose by its more rounded clasts and lower feldspar content.

Rock group Sedimentary
Origin Lithiclastic
Particle size (Wentworth) 0.0625 – 2 mm

Sandstone in Hand Sample

Quartz sandstone from the Weverton Formation

Sandstone from the Pennsylvanian-aged Conemaugh Group in West Virginia

Fossiliferous sandstone from the Devonian-aged Foreknobs Formation

Arkose from within the Devonian-aged Old Red Sandstone

Graywacke from Siccar Point (!)

Sandstone in Thin Section

Quartz sandstone with calcite cement, plane  polars

Quartz sandstone with calcite cement, crossed polars

Graywacke, plane polars

Graywacke, crossed polars

Arkose, plane polars

Arkose, crossed polars