Welcome Back for Fall 2014!

Greetings Preservation Enthusiasts,

This is just a quick reminder that NOVA’s Fall semester begins on Wednesday, August 20 and that we’re offering Prof. Clark’s HIS 180- Historic Archeology, Prof. Gillespie’s HIS 187- Interpreting Material Culture, and Prof. Kincheloe’s HIS 281- History of VIrginia, Part I, as well as the debut of Prof. Sprinkle’s online version of HIS 181- History and Theory of Historic Preservation.

The College no longer allows any students to register for classes once a session has started, so you have until the end of the day tomorrow if you haven’t yet signed up.  Don’t delay, and have a great semester!

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About docampbell

Doug is a historian and educator with more than a decade of experience teaching Western, World, US, and European history at colleges and universities in Virginia and Maryland. His scholarship focuses on national identity, education, and historical memory in Austria during the era of the World Wars, and includes work at the US Archives, the US Library of Congress, the Austrian National Library, and the Austrian State Archive. He has taught at NOVA since 2006 and has been the Historic Preservation Program Head since 2012.