If you speak French and would like to intern in France this summer, then

check out this opportunity (more public history than historic preservation).  There are some specific conditions to be met:

Apply for the Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee (ACSCC)
Summer Internship In Caen, France
 this July

Each summer Sister Cities Alexandria and Caen exchange student interns who work at each of the respective City Halls. The interns have the opportunity to represent their city while working and living in the other city and strengthening the friendship between the two cities.  Caen is a city in Normandy, approximately two hours from Paris.  For more information about Caen, visit http://www.tourisme.caen.fr. The Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee is also looking for a host family for the student intern from Caen this July for four weeks. For more information, please email alexandriacaensistercities@gmail.com.

Internship Description:

  • One month of full-time employment at the Caen City Hall as an English-speaking tour guide.  This involves memorizing historical information about City Hall and providing several tours per day to English-speaking tourists.
  • Stipend of 1100 euros provided by the Caen City Government;
  • Free housing provided in a university dorm or with a family arranged by the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee; intern must pay for meals, plane ticket, and local travel expenses.
  • Opportunities to meet and socialize with members of the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee.

Applicants need:

  • The ability to speak, read, and understand French with ease;
  • To be a resident of the City of Alexandria;
  • To be 18-21 years old
  • To have completed at least one year of college.  Must be comfortable living independently in a dorm.
  • Good social and communication skills;
  • Excellent references;
  • The ability to cover travel expenses to and from Caen as well as in-country expenses.
  • Willingness to socialize with members of the Caen-Alexandria Sister City Committee.

DEADLINE: Applications and a current resume should be submitted online by March 30, 2018. Please feel free to email any questions to the general Alexandria-Caen Sister Cities Committee email address at alexandriacaensistercities@gmail.com.


NOTE:  This internship is contingent on the availability of funding from the City of Alexandria.  

Free Public Program: The Women Pioneers of Reston

Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 7pm
Location: Jo Ann Rose Gallery at RCC Lake Anne
Among those Bob Simon assembled to assist in Reston’s creation were some very accomplished women, including the architect Chloethiel Woodard Smith, and Carol Lubin, Jane Wilhelm and Priscilla Ames who made important contributions in areas of education and community development. This program will explore their impact as well as that of women residents who played important roles in Reston’s early development. We also will provide a brief overview of women who have been key players in Reston’s development over the last 50 years and remain key today. There will be a slide presentation followed by a panel discussion.

Email: restonmuseum@gmail.com

Website or Link: https://www.restonmuseum.org/programs

Spring Semester classes open for registration!

Here is the quick list of courses we are offering as part of the program for the upcoming semester:

HIS 180 – Historical Archaeology, Thursday nights at the Loudoun campus – Professor Clark

HIS 187 – Interpreting Material Culture, Wednesday nights at the Loudoun campus – Professor Dluger (Monday nights, Loudoun campus)

HIS 190 – Coordinated Internship – Professor Duger

HIS 218 – Introduction to Digital History (online)– Professor Evans

HIS 281 – History of Virginia I, Tuesday nights at the Loudoun campus – Professor Kincheloe

Feel free to reach out to either Professor Dluger (mdluger@nvcc.edu) or Professor Evans (cevans@nvcc.edu) if you have any questions.

Volunteer at Morven Park

Morven park is looking for volunteers to help staff the Morven Park Winmill Carriage Museum in Leesburg, particularly volunteers who would be available one or more Saturdays per month to staff the carriage museum from 12-5. The main duties involved are greeting visitors, checking tickets and providing a brief introduction to the carriages. Training is provided.

If interested, please contact Jana Shafagoj,  jshafagoj@morvenpark.org.