HOME WORK….Exhibition featuring student work completed while during the pandemic

On view November 1st though November 23rd “Home Work” represents works completed by NOVA Woodbridge Arts students while taking classes online over the last year and half.  Come by the WAS Gallery and check out the work of your fellow students and watch out for more open calls for art here at the WAS Gallery Blog.

Nicole Mulliungs Pettus

Luke Catania

Kyle Saw

Lucas Bills

Dean McIntyre

Glenda Nunez Maldanado

Aiden Truitt

Tammy Reece (Visual Arts A.F.A) Vision Vs. Vandalism

The WAS Gallery is pleased to present the first Solo student exhibition on the Woodbridge Campus as part of a new series of Installation and Group Exhibitions featuring only student works in order to expand student usage and investment in the WAS Gallery.

Tammy Reece has created a series of installation works within the gallery space that invites WAS Gallery attendees to interact and create in serval different surfaces.  From primitive cave are to the truck stop bathroom graffiti the entire WAS Gallery is filled to brim with possibilities.  The Show will be up until March 24th.



Erin Devine, ….but the so little that had been left was so much

The WAS Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of in progress work from Faculty member Erin Devine.

but the so little that had been left was so much” is a project-in-progress by Erin Devine, Professor of Art History, in collaboration with scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) who study short and long-term memory via the neurons of insects and small animals. The final installation (at the HHMI-Janelia Research Campus Gallery in September) will include large-scale, textile-based images of birds, animals, and insects affected by various population loss, as well as their neuron structures and nomenclature that enclose a sound chair emitting recordings of wildlife in natural environments – from Australia, to California, and Virginia.  Additional photos of Devine’s interactions with these environments complete a sensory installation that seeks to bridge the elusive processes of memory to the urgent narrative of our fading ecosystems.


Kottie Gaydos Oct 8th – Nov 8th

Unfixed By Kottie Gaydos is on view at the WAS Gallery.

This work investigates the intrinsic role vulnerability plays in the healing process, and probes the instances in which the efforts of systems designed to protect and withstand harm, fail.  Once stacked , ceramic vessels dipped in cyanotype , a light sensitive photographic emulsion, and left unfixed embody the liminal space between being and failure.


Michael Booker “Reprise” February 27th – March 28th

This Spring 2019 Visiting Artist is Michael Booker.  Michael is a Maryland based artist originally from Mississippi.  Currently a Professor at Montgomery College Michael is known for his painting, 2D and sculptural work showcasing a wide range of skills.  The “Reprise” show represents work done mostly with fine liner pen on paper showcasing glimpses into a mythology created by the artist addressing the idea of storytelling as passed down through generations.


The mythos of an afro-futuristic community existing somewhere between the physical and spiritual world is told through a series of paintings and fineliner pen drawings.  As the inhabitants of this community pass on, they leave behind their stories and memories embedded into the surrounding environment.  To honor thier ancestors, the living weave parts of nature into their clothes, hair, masks, and daily routine.