Erin Devine, ….but the so little that had been left was so much

The WAS Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of in progress work from Faculty member Erin Devine.

but the so little that had been left was so much” is a project-in-progress by Erin Devine, Professor of Art History, in collaboration with scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) who study short and long-term memory via the neurons of insects and small animals. The final installation (at the HHMI-Janelia Research Campus Gallery in September) will include large-scale, textile-based images of birds, animals, and insects affected by various population loss, as well as their neuron structures and nomenclature that enclose a sound chair emitting recordings of wildlife in natural environments – from Australia, to California, and Virginia.  Additional photos of Devine’s interactions with these environments complete a sensory installation that seeks to bridge the elusive processes of memory to the urgent narrative of our fading ecosystems.


Student Portfolio Show Installation Days

This semesters Portfolio Review students are installing their group show!

This course offers a unique opportunity for students to be directly involved in the installation, lighting and design of a group exhibition in preparation for transferring from NOVA.