Michael Booker “Reprise” February 27th – March 28th

This Spring 2019 Visiting Artist is Michael Booker.  Michael is a Maryland based artist originally from Mississippi.  Currently a Professor at Montgomery College Michael is known for his painting, 2D and sculptural work showcasing a wide range of skills.  The “Reprise” show represents work done mostly with fine liner pen on paper showcasing glimpses into a mythology created by the artist addressing the idea of storytelling as passed down through generations.


The mythos of an afro-futuristic community existing somewhere between the physical and spiritual world is told through a series of paintings and fineliner pen drawings.  As the inhabitants of this community pass on, they leave behind their stories and memories embedded into the surrounding environment.  To honor thier ancestors, the living weave parts of nature into their clothes, hair, masks, and daily routine.

Faculty Solo-Zac Jackson ” Absentimental” January 22nd- February 23rd

Using Concrete, plaster and casting plastic Prof. Jackson explores ideas of the mental struggles encountered through stress.  Each sculpture represents a different individual that was interviewed by the artist regarding their mental stress issues.

The exhibition is open from Jan. 22nd to Feb. 23rd in the WAS Gallery on the Woodbridge Campus.


We Are very excited to open the 2018-19 year with a traveling Exhibition from Prof. Jessica Gardner at the Alexandria Campus title “Crowns”.  From the release about the show.

“We are literally crowned by our mothers hips as infants in the womb, the role of motherhood might be described as a crowning moment for some.

The impacts that caring for children have on artist mothers expands beyond new time constraints and into physical, emotional, and spiritual crossings.

During the monumental shift of crossing into motherhood, artist mothers redefine who they are as humans, but also who they are as artists.

Cowns asked women to create work that reflects on their experiences through the currents of motherhood.”

The ceramic based works are on view until September 28th when there will be a closing reception with Professor Gardner in attendance to speak about the work.  

Art Club-Photo Club Joint Student Show

For the first time the powerhouses of Fine Arts Club and Photography Club have joined forces in unholy unity to create a Joint Student Show.  The Gallery has been looking for ways to include more student work in it shows every semester and this first effort was very well received and attended.  Each Club went through a selection process and prepped the work themselves.  This show increased the level of student engagement in the Art Gallery and will lead to future shows featuring both clubs.

Justin Strom, Self-Non Self

Please come by and view the current work of Artist Justin Strom.  These massive prints are really sight to see up close and personal.

Self/Non-Self is an exhibition of mixed-media works by Baltimore artist Justin D. Strom. Strom’s series Self/Non-Self investigates a deep curiosity of the human body, creating a digital landscape of our unseen inner-spaces by combining elements of the real with those of the imagination.

Engaging with issues of microbiology, cloning, and genetic sequencing, Strom uses a hybrid of photography, digital printmaking, and 3D composite imagery to build luminous 2D works. Dense abstract forms with no clear boundaries create an alternative interior with scenes of rich color, frozen explosions, and conglomerated forms that act as symbolic reminders of transformation and impermanence in a volatile world. These multi-layered works offer a microbiological investigation of forms in imagined space that revel in the structures and processes of the body by exploring it from the inside.

Bio:  Strom is a mixed-media artist, an Associate Professor in Printmaking and Digital Imaging, and the Graduate Director of the Arts Department at the University of Maryland, College Park. Born in Columbia, Missouri, he received his BFA in Painting at Columbia College-Columbia, and his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has worked as an Assistant Printer at Highpoint Editions in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a Production Assistant at Tandem Press in Madison, Wisconsin.


Website: www.Justindstrom.com


2017 Faculty Exhibition

Currently on view in the Gallery is the Annual Faculty Group Exhibition. Featuring works by our Fine Arts and Photography Faculty.  Please come by and see what your Instructors are up to in their own personal practice.

Works By:

Fred Markham, Veronica Melendez, Amanda Sauer, Julia Kwon, Gail Rebhan, Roxana Geffen and Zac Jackson