Michael Booker “Reprise” February 27th – March 28th

This Spring 2019 Visiting Artist is Michael Booker.  Michael is a Maryland based artist originally from Mississippi.  Currently a Professor at Montgomery College Michael is known for his painting, 2D and sculptural work showcasing a wide range of skills.  The “Reprise” show represents work done mostly with fine liner pen on paper showcasing glimpses into a mythology created by the artist addressing the idea of storytelling as passed down through generations.


The mythos of an afro-futuristic community existing somewhere between the physical and spiritual world is told through a series of paintings and fineliner pen drawings.  As the inhabitants of this community pass on, they leave behind their stories and memories embedded into the surrounding environment.  To honor thier ancestors, the living weave parts of nature into their clothes, hair, masks, and daily routine.

Faculty Solo-Zac Jackson ” Absentimental” January 22nd- February 23rd

Using Concrete, plaster and casting plastic Prof. Jackson explores ideas of the mental struggles encountered through stress.  Each sculpture represents a different individual that was interviewed by the artist regarding their mental stress issues.

The exhibition is open from Jan. 22nd to Feb. 23rd in the WAS Gallery on the Woodbridge Campus.