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According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), trends for HR professionals will include the “employee experience” and a resurgence in social media. Social media, these days, is almost a no-brainer, but its importance cannot be emphasized enough. As for employee experience…

organizations are very focused on identifying and hiring the right talent – which is good, we need to do that. But there’s more to the employee experience that just hiring the right candidate. … The last thing anyone wants is to spend a lot of organizational resources hiring someone only to have them quit a few months later.  (from the SHRM Blog, December 17, 2015).

Recruitment and selection requires a positive outlook for your company but also needs to address any sort of work culture that may not fit some candidates. Job seekers understand that companies undergo changes such as reorganizations and new leadership, and a culture that works for one candidate may be suffocating for another. Having a solid approach for your recruitment, selection, and placement strategy will ensure that the right candidate matches the position being filled. Of course, once positions are filled, HR management shifts to encompass a broad range of duties, from compliance and legal matters to conflict management. And with social media, shifting employee needs and demands, and the influx of new technologies into the workplace, HR Management is a whole new animal these days.

how do you enhance your skills and
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NOVA Workforce is offering a 126-hour certificate program providing an overview of HR Management; to obtain the certificate you must successfully complete ten (10) required courses and pass a short exam. Courses address human resource fundamentals, provide opportunities to focus on specialized areas, and explore emerging trends in the field. Classes may be taken in any order, and not all required courses are offered every semester. Good news for veterans: the certificate has been approved for Veterans Benefits!

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