Andrew Lee

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Northern Virginia Community College (Alexandria campus)

Campus activities:

Pre-medical and general career advisor

Faculty contact to NIH’s OITE for NIH Community College Day and NIH’s NHGRI’s Genomics Short Course

Educational Background:

biological sciences (undergraduate), public health (graduate), medicine (general), basic science research (stretch activated calcium channel characterization)

Academic Interests:

improving science education via enhancing lectures to foster engagement and fact retention through narratives and visuals

Teaching Goals:

To develop basic science literacy and teach the principles of scientific inquiry to students who may not pursue a career in science.  For those continuing their science education: to furnish tools and foundational skills to nurture curiosity, excellence, and leadership in biology and medicine.

Education and Research Projects:

•NIH’s NHGRI Curriculum Development of Microbiome OER Materials

•NIH/NSF/Johns Hopkins University Genomics Data Science Community Network

Teaching Experience:

•Northern Virginia Community College (Alexandria Campus) 2015-2021

(Annandale Campus 2020-2021, Loudoun Campus 2015-2017)

•The Princeton Review (premed/medical biology) 2006-2021

•University of Pécs (Hungary) School of Medicine (PTE-ÁOK)

(guest lecturer)  2021, 2017

•Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (Croatia) Faculty of Medicine (MEFOS) (visiting professor) 2021

•Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Sciences (adjunct faculty) 2021

•George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (guest lecturer) 2011, 2015