Andrew Lee

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Biology

Northern Virginia Community College (Alexandria)

Campus activities:

Pre-medical and general career advisor

Faculty contact to NIH’s OITE for NIH Community College Day and NIH’s NHGRI’s Genomics Short Course

Educational Background:

biological sciences (undergraduate), public health (graduate), medicine (general), basic science research (stretch activated calcium channel characterization)

Academic Interests:

improving science education via enhancing lectures to foster engagement and fact retention through narratives and visuals

Teaching Goals:

To develop basic science literacy and teach the principles of scientific inquiry to students who may not pursue a career in science.  For those continuing their science education: to furnish tools and foundational skills to nurture excellence and leadership in biology and medicine.

Teaching Experience:

Northern Virginia Community College 2015-2020

The Princeton Review (premed/medical biology) 2006-2020

University of Pécs (Hungary) School of Medicine (PTE-ÁOK)

(guest lecturer) 2017

George Washington Univ. School of Medicine and Health Sciences

(guest lecturer) 2011, 2015