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Science Communication Seminar via Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science

Great opportunity to attend a web conference sponsored by the Alan Alda Center for Science Communication at Stony Brook University last week. Simply amazing to be selected for this online conference. The Alda Center brought together a group of people from all over the world who all communicate about science in their work (other professors, government researchers, consultants). We spent the session engaged in a role-playing improvisation session to stimulate brainstorming. We then fruitfully discussed how to better explain science topics to audiences with varying levels of expertise. Highly recommend the Alda Center’s programs to other science teachers and anyone else who explains science as part of their everyday work. Hope to be invited back for another conference!


What happens when a Hollywood actor has a bad conversation with his dentist?…This book!

Actor Alan Alda writes a very good book highlighting the importance of effective conversation in science. Covering topics ranging from his interviewing scientists for PBS programs, to recent scientific research on communicating, to acting improv techniques to help build communication skills, to the habits of doctors talking to patients, this easy-to-read book will be worth your time. If you are in science and communicate in any way (that means all of us), this book is worth your time. For further information, information on the university center Alda helped found to promote improved science communication: