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Thank you for the honor!

Thank you to colleague(s) who nominated me anonymously for the first ever Alexandria Faculty Recognition Award for adjunct-classified faculty. It was quite an honor to be recognized with this award in late spring 2021.

NIH College Day: Register for the free day-long event

Join area students on November 20 for a day at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) learning about summer research internships (paid positions), pre-health careers advising, and workshops to improve your resumes/CVs.  A must for any student interested in health sciences.  While it is free to attend (with free lunch provided), you must register and are responsible for travel to the NIH in Maryland (convenient to the Red Line, with paid public parking available).

Register at:


We’re Back!

Inexplicably, the blog was unavailable for the past few weeks. A big thanks to the tech gurus at NVCC’s TILT: Art Lin and Damon Green for getting things back up and running again. Without them, we can’t do our work. Thank you!!

AMSA Vendors Highlights

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) conference featured engaging vendor displays targeting students. Many of the familiar faces from last year were there again (Princeton Review, Kaplan, AMBOSS).

Looking for an online job? Check out M Modal’s virtual (ie., online) medical scribe program. Looks like an interesting way to be in a paying medical job that offers flexibility. Downside could be lower wages, but worth investigating.

Altius MCAT (Utah based and recently national) Altius offers a unique slant on test prep (mimicing the diagrams you will see on the MCAT), a score guarantee, and very reasonable pricing.

UWorld MCAT…a strong USMLE product is now branching out into MCAT. With one stop shopping for test prep with very good diagrams and succint explanations in their online program.

Thank You!

Though loathe to talk about myself, I must take a moment and thank the anonymous student(s) and/or faculty colleague(s) who nominated me for a college-wide award which was presented on April 27, 2017. I was humbled to be recognized for “extraordinary service above and beyond” and unfortunately, I do not know whom to thank. Thank you for taking the time to nominate me for this honor, it was quite a surprise!

Avoid The Dental Drill!

We’re back after a brief blog break for the summer. No child enjoys the dentist and the dental drill in particular elicits unease amongst even the most calm young patients. Never mind that having a cavity filled isn’t exactly cheap (at least $100). An article in today’s New York Times highlights a cost effective, painless way to apply a chemical coating to cavities to prevent further tooth decay and also avoid the pain of a dental drill. Cavities have been filled by placing a coating over the part of the tooth that has rotted. The infamous dental drill is required to cut away the rotten material. A newly developed form of flouride (silver diamine flouride) can be painted onto a cavity to stop the cavity from further rotting. No painful numbing shots, no dental drills, and only $25. The child then loses the baby tooth and has avoided costly and uncomfortable drill-based cavity fills. Currently, few dentists know about the treatment and use it in their practices. What are obstacles to adopting a new treatment? Why are scientists not researching treatments such as this to make painful and uncomfortable processes easier for youngsters?