Amazing Virtual Overseas Guest Lecturer!

A big thanks goes out to Prof. Joe Petersburger from the University of Pécs (Hungary) Medical School for his guest lecture to General Introductory Biology courses during the recently concluded spring term. Prof. Petersburger generously joined us on a Saturday morning in late April for a far-ranging discussion on native insects to Hungarian lakes as well as the country’s response to COVID-19. We thank Prof. Petersburger for his commitment to international, trans-disciplinary learning and hope that COVID-19 has demonstrated that internet international exchange can become a part of our post-COVID-19 world. Thank you very much or Köszönöm szépen!

Art and Technology Prize for Students ($500) – The Lumen Prize

Do you create art deeply immersed in coding, gifs, fractals, or other electronic formats? If so, this prize is for you…

Students interested in the intersection of art and technology should learn more about the Lumen Prize with a single cash award of $500. Over the last decade, this UK-based charity has been awarding cash prizes in recognition of innovative works combining art and technology. One caveat: students must be enrolled in a BA, MFA, BFA, MA or equivalent program (which means you can start work on a project now and submit it in a few years, after transfer!).

While there is no cost to enter, there are only 100 submissions allowed world-wide, so plan ahead for a June deadline each year and submit early. A particularly significant aspect of this prize is that finalists who don’t win are encouraged to connect with other artists associated with Lumen, allowing for a great opportunity for you to meet other talented artists.

This year, submissions are due on June 21, 2021.

See the following link for more information:–to-edit-/