A Visit to HHMI’s Janelia Farms facility


Privileged to recently visit this world-class research facility to learn about their leading research in neuroscience, tour the facilities, and discover research opportunities for students. A neuroscience research powerhouse in the metro DC area often unknown to students and faculty alike, is the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Janelia Farms facility. Like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), most of the money awarded by HHMI is awarded to researchers to support their work at a home university (unlike NIH, HHMI is a private organization not affiliated with any government body and was started by oil billionaire Howard Hughes, as seen in the movie The Aviator). The beautiful Janelia Farms facility attracts leading scientists from all over the world featuring world-class lab space, a beautiful physical facility, fantastic dining service available nearly 24-7…all located in the beautiful countryside of Loudoun County on a former farm. Student research awards are available, though competition for these research awards is fierce (with applicants from all over the world) and requires extensive prior research experience.  Inspiring architecture, beautiful artwork (with a brain science theme), and an atmosphere of intense science made for an unforgettable visit to an unparalleled  facility.


attend Polish medical school via U.S. non-profit

Thrilled to attend ceremonies for Hope Medical Institute (HMI) as they celebrated the medical students graduating from 3 of Poland’s leading medical schools.  Working with HMI, U.S. students may apply to study medicine in Poland (with all classes conducted in English) and then complete clinical rotations back in the United States.  Of course, for U.S. medical residency purposes, students are classified as foreign medical grads.  However, the structure of Polish medical education (in line with European standards) allows application to Polish medical schools right out of high school, or after completing some college-level coursework. A little known option for bright students willing to study in central Europe!


Great study space at Harvard

Great to see the new student common areas at Harvard with ideal places for quiet study and spontaneous conversations ….all enhanced by open space, natural lighting, views of trees/plants, and comfortable furniture.  Wish all study+academic spaces would prioritize lighting, ventilation, and furniture comfort as necessities for maximizing student productivity.